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Official tooling

Vue CLI Plugin

vue-cli-plugin-i18n is officially provided as the Vue CLI Plugin.

With this plugin, you can setup the i18n environment for the Vue application, and support the i18n development environment.

ESLint Plugin

eslint-plugin-vue-i18n is ESLint plugin for Vue I18n.

It easily integrates some localization lint features to your Vue.js Application.

Intlify CLI

@intlify/cli is CLI Tooling for i18n development.

You can pre-compile i18n resources (json5?, ya?ml) with intlify compile command.


vue-i18n-extensions provides some extensions for Vue I18n.

You can use this extension to enable SSR and improve i18n performance.

Composition API for Vue 2.x

vue-i18n-composable provides Composition API for Vue I18n in Vue 2.x.


petite-vue-i18n is an alternative distribution of Vue I18n, which provides only minimal features.

Note that petite-vue-i18n is still experimental, so you may encounter bugs and unsupported use cases.

Released under the MIT License.