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Translation Directive (v-t)


export declare type TranslationDirective<T = HTMLElement> = ObjectDirective<T>;


Update the element textContent that localized with locale messages.

You can use string syntax or object syntax.

String syntax can be specified as a keypath of locale messages.

If you can be used object syntax, you need to specify as the object key the following params

- path: required, key of locale messages
- locale: optional, locale
- args: optional, for list or named formatting


<!-- string syntax: literal -->
<p v-t="''"></p>

<!-- string syntax: binding via data or computed props -->
<p v-t="msg"></p>

<!-- object syntax: literal -->
<p v-t="{ path: 'hi', locale: 'ja', args: { name: 'kazupon' } }"></p>

<!-- object syntax: binding via data or computed props -->
<p v-t="{ path: greeting, args: { name: fullName } }"></p>

Released under the MIT License.